My References


Tom Pickersgill

CEO, Orka

"Connor is key member to the team. I have always believed in Connor and his abilities. He is a very gifted individual that is keen hungry to learn more, and always looking to better himself. That is super important for a startup like us."


Amber-Lilly Goulden

Customer Success Executive, Orka

"It's clear that Connor has a real talent for bringing ideas to life; both from the internal company and external stakeholders. His unique visions and creativity have made Orka what it is today- a market disrupting, game changing piece of tech!

It has been a pleasure to work with Connor on a variety of projects over the past couple of years. He is always quick to respond to requests, gives realistic expectations when it comes to deadlines and is brilliant at turning suggestions into a reality. Connor is clearly passionate about creating slick and successful products which compliment each other, and he exceeds expectations from the community team when it comes to creating user friendly features."


Ellie McCormick

Product Designer, Orka

"Connor is very good at collaborating, bringing in all areas of the company together to help solve a problem.

He is a pleasure to work with. I haven't had a stressful day while working at Orka. He is very approachable and I feel I could talk to him about anything.

I do also believe Connor stands up for what he believes in and will challenge other opinions and thoughts to bring out discussion."


Kelly Sherburn

Front End Engineer, Orka

"In every project I have seen Connor work on he has shown passion & fearlessness in his approach and he works very collaboratively with the dev team, customer success & senior managers in the business.

Connor is a great designer, he always supports me in projects I am working on by explaining how a feature should work and if changes are needed he does these quickly so it doesn't block me in my work. He always does a lot of research when working on new apps or features and is very focused on great user experiences."