Nice to meet you 👋


Hi I’m Connor, a Product Designer who has spent the last 4 years building digital products and striving to build the best experience for the user.

Currently I work as a Product Designer for TravelPerk which is an exciting late stage startup with a mission to make business travellers happy.

Before my current role I worked at Orka where I joined as the 8th employee and the first designer. Since I joined, the company has gone on to more than triple their employee headcount and launch some fantastic products used by tens of thousands of people!

In a previous life I was an iOS Developer working at the LADbible Group. Where I got to see the other side of design... actually implementing it!

What might initially seem quite varied is actually tied together by a common theme: building a great product that both users love and meets the business needs.

I love getting involved in different design communities and keeping up to date with the latest happenings. You can find me in most design slack groups.

When I'm not designing, you'll find me outdoors, making a coffee, with a guitar in hand, playing the drums, or learning to surf!